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Commercial door hardware for all your building entry needs. If it is is on your door, we will have a solution. Listed Below are a few of the items we stock

*** Key Restriction

Key restriction is a special key with a patented keyway. The keyway is the milling that runs the length of the key blade. There are hundreds of keyways on the market today, though many of them can be copied anywhere by anyone. This creates a security problems as anyone with access to a key at any point can make numerous copies and hand them out to anyone they wish too. A restricted key system is patented so that the key can only be copied by us by only those you allow. This gives you the control to limit or allow key copying so you know who has a key.

We Service Commercial

Professional | Licensed | Fully Bonded

  • We can rekey locks
  • We can set up Masterkey systems.
  • We sell High-Security Locks like ( Medeco, Assa, Kaba)
  • Install Continuous Hinges
  • Replace / install door closers
  • We repair broken locks & doors.
  • We can cut and copy keys
  • We can open safes.
  • Repair hinges

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